Busiswa’s Contract Will Soon Expire – Oskido

Oskido Busiswa - Busiswa’s Contract Will Soon Expire – Oskido

Music veteran and mogul has revealed that the contract of hitmaker with Kalawa Jazmee will soon expire. He made the revelation in a recent interview with Times Live. He compares the label Kalawa with running a football team.

“It is like running a soccer club, talent comes and goes and you just have to nurture it while it is with you. Her contract is expiring in a few months and she will make a decision about her future then. We will never stand in her way if she feels like she will grow elsewhere.”

also said the biggest killer of talents is ego and not lack of opportunities. “The biggest challenge we face is people being big-headed and losing respect for others. There are too many people who have had so much talent but have wasted it because of their attitude. Opportunities will come for those with talent, often they do, but no one wants to stick with someone who thinks they are better than others.”

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