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11-20: dbabcbdabb
21-30: dbcdacbcba
31-40: ccabbabcba
41-50: cabcdcbcad
51-60: baadbcdbcc
71-80: bcbbcacacd

(3a). The three reasons are.
1. Birds have Structural adaptation
2. Birds have powerful eagles
3. They have sharp,strong and curved claws for

1. it provides food for human consumption
2. it generates revenue for government
3. it can serve as tourist centres for pleasure and
4. it provides resaerch work for scientists
5. it can generate employement for some people

1. it helps to control diseases
2. it helps to control erossion
3. it helps to control growth of weeds

1. it is never used-up
2. it does not cause environmental damages
3. it is clean
4. it is readily available
5. it is affordable

(5)This is a life story sometime we feel unable to reconcile to putforgive into our action and restore a relationship,If the person has severely abused us or our action an restore a relation,this was when i was at my young age i was rud to my grand father i fell to apologise was a word of stress. To me i keep doing things that was not a good behaviour for a child like me,he render a course on which he said for me to be free from the spell i must apologise to him and for me i felt i cant recongise with him because is was hard to apologise. For that i hate my grand father Years Back life became hard for me i felt so much pains my history became worst i ever had,it was set back upon set backmy furtrue was under a spell which i can recall it was my grand father. Every step i made was never a progresss,to my future i almost lost everyting days came when i seat thinking what all this going on with my life,i think and think how to figure out what wrong.

(2) Importance of sports festival
Sir: Sports play a fundamental role in the development of physical, social and emotional health of young people. We in Gilgit are however deprived of platforms that could encourage
youth participation in sports and sports-related activities. On the other hand Punjab has been actively promoting sports among its people through the Punjab Youth Festival. The government of Punjab and Punjab Sports Board seem keen to make the event even bigger in future so that more and more people could participate and get benefited. I urge the government of Gilgit to provide such a platform to the youth of Gilgit. This would give an opportunity to the people of my province to explore their potential and earn a name for
the country. So far the government has been reluctant to work in this area. When events like Punjab Youth Festival will be launched throughout Gilgit, I am confident that we would create new world records. It would be a great service to the people of Gilgit if a sports university is also built as is being
planned by the Punjab government. This will have an
added effect on the tourism industry as well.

(7) (a) Admirers of robots think that robots are more efficient than human beings because
-Robots are ideal workers who work without complaining or
getting tired
– they do not grumble or protest or ask for inducement
-any of its damaged parts can be replaced
(7b) The three advantages which the human being has ever the
robots are
-Human beings are sensitive, thinking beings who are flexible
and can control their actions
-Human beings can discriminate and make value judgements
– Human beings can take the initiative in many things

(6a) chief koko was regarded untouchable.
(6b) the expression tells us of the governors pragmatic
(6c) it was because of the neccesity to widen the roads.
(6d) the driver did not want to die.
(6e) it was because the governor decided to bulldoze the house
(6f) Chief Koko did nothing.
(i) Adverbial phrase.
(ii) it modifies the verb ‘had’.
(6h)”…….the mansion collapsed like a pack of cards.
(I) assumed – expected.
(II) retreat – going back
(III) specified – particular.
(IV) showed up – arrived.
(V) collapsed – fall
(6I) (i)believed (ii)going back (iii)agreed (iv)appreared (v)came

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