How To Stop Mtn From Deducting Your Airtime

Situation where by you realize certain amount has been deducted from your airtime with your consent can be very annoying. Most times it happens when you don’t have much airtime and you feel like making very urgent calls.

How To Stop Mtn From Deducting Your Airtime
Step 1: Now with the SIMCARD which you have been subscribed for MTN Play services, I mean the one mtn deduct money from, insert it either on your phone with browsing facility or in your internet modem, make sure you have data (MB) on it. either connecting to the internet
via modem to browse on system or insert it in your browsing phone and open your browser while you

Step 2: you will see a image displaying mtn play homepage, now you will see options in the menu, such as Home, sports, and My MTN Play in black background. Now click on “My MTN Play”.

Step 3: the submenu that will open thereafter, you will see three options as you can see on the above image, click on ‘my subscriptions’. It will display the current services which you are subscribed to.

Step 4: Just click on each service(s) either Eleaning, CNN news, sahara
news, sport news, Local news or whatever.

Step 5: You shall see final result that will display, how to unsubscribe. Just click on Unsubscribe and you are done.

This are the method I applied before stoped deducting my airtime.

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