Ladies & Guys Issues: who would you prefer to marry – A Rich Cheating Partner or A Poor Faithful One?


For real, finding the right partner to spend the rest of one’s life
with is not always easy. It comes with so many challenges as
there are factors to consider before settling down with one.
While many would prefer settling for a partner with good
character, some would certainly see the financial capability of
the partner as a plus. Though experts say money should not be
the primary determinant in the choice of a life partner, how
many people would marry somebody who is not financially

Here’s what some single ladies and guys have to say on this
controversial issue:

I can’t have good life with a rich cheating man… – Kenny

As enticing as it can be, I cannot marry a rich but cheating
There are many STDs out there and it is sure that
one day, he will contract one of them, transfer it to me
and then, I will start treating the disease with the money.
That is not a good life. Apart from that, since he may think
it is his wealth that attracted me to him, he may not
respect me and may not have much time for me.

are many ladies out there for him, you know. With a poor
but faithful guy, we can get rich together if we work hard.
After all, poverty is a status that can be changed with

He can cheat, but he must be rich… – Anita Chi
Who needs a man’s faithfulness these days? It is
unfortunate that his faithfulness will not put food on the
table if he is poor. He can cheat for all I care, but he must
be rich. And what even guarantees that the poor faithful
guy will not end up cheating also if he becomes rich?
There is no marriage that is 100 per cent perfect;

compromises will have to be reached in many cases and
that does not portray the woman as desperate. My
husband’s riches will cover up for his cheating behaviour.
I don’t care.

I don’t mind marrying a poor man who is ambitious…
Abimbola Kajotoni

If a man is poor now but ambitious, I would not mind. It
is only a man that is poor and useless at the same time
that a woman should avoid by all means. He will frustrate
you. Since poverty is a disease that can be cured, I will
rather go for a man who is poor now but who is hard
working and has the mentality of success than go for a
rich cheating man who will keep hurting my feelings and
make me feel inferior. Success built together lasts longer
than the one which is not worked for.

Riches don’t guarantee a happy home… – Omalasoye Adeola

I cannot be attracted to a man because he is rich, even if
he is not the cheating type. I will go where my heart leads
me. If God gives me the go-ahead to marry the poor guy, I
will go for him. I know that poverty is not permanent.

Meanwhile, we do not need to have so much money
before we live comfortably. In fact, riches do not
guarantee a comfortable life at times. I will rather marry a
man who is faithful but has little money than marry a
lousy rich man whose wealth can even diminish at any

It’ll be very difficult to decide… – Badaru Tosin

A woman cannot know a man’s real attitude when he is
poor. If a man is poor but faithful, who knows whether he
will change his attitude when he becomes rich? Because
the actions of human beings cannot be predicted, I will
only depend on God to make a decision. However, I will
definitely not settle for a rich cheating dude. He is not a
better alternative. If a man is rich but has natural
weaknesses, that is better, but not going around town and
sleeping with other women.

A poor but faithful woman is a treasure… – Oremule

I will go for a poor and faithful woman anytime, any day.
With her, my mind is settled. There will be no need to
have high blood pressure. There is no need to monitor
her steps. I will have peace and respect from her. I will
also go to any length for such a woman to make her
happy. I will be motivated to work hard and make more
money to take care of such a woman. She will be a
treasure that deserves to be well taken care of.

If she fears God and is rich, I’ll be happier… – Adewuyi Seun

Marrying a rich cheating woman would only give one
unsettled mind and can even lead to one’s untimely death
while living with a poor but faithful woman can at least
give one peace of mind. As for me, what matters most is
that the woman should have the fear of God, no matter
her financial status. A rich woman with the fear of God is
okay because being poor does not give the assurance that
the woman will not cheat. If she fears God and she’s rich, I
will be happier. If she is poor and fears God, we can still
build our lives together.

I prefer poor, but encouraging partner… – Teniola Ayodeji

A man who is poor but visionary will not be attracted to a
rich woman in the first place. He will work hard and stay
on course until he also becomes successful. With this
hope constantly burning in him, he will not mind his
present condition. He knows that one day, things will be
better. If he eventually marries a rich woman, he will
count it as a plus to his life, not as an opportunity. In
short, I will not go for a rich, cheating partner. A poor,
faithful and encouraging type is better by far.

Marrying a rich woman can make a man lose focus…
Akande Emmanuel

The truth is: money has wings and it can fly anytime. In
other words, I cannot marry a woman because she is rich
not to talk of combining cheating with her status. It is
definitely a no-go area. A hard working man like me will
put in his best to ensure he succeeds in life against all
odds. In fact, marrying a rich woman can be a temptation
that may make a man to lose focus in life. However, if a
rich lady has good attitude and we love each other, of
course, we can marry.

I prefer a poor but hard-working lady… – Aina Oluwakoya

Riches do not make marriage rosy. It is only faithfulness
and respect for each other that count. I will not sacrifice
my self-worth because of a woman’s wealth. There are so
many rich couples out there who are frustrated – some of
them have no settled homes because they ignore the
foundation of a successful marriage. They are rich but
lonely. I prefer a poor, faithful, hard working and positive
woman to a rich, desperate and cheating one. With the
former, we can turn around our fortune together and we
will live happily thereafter even when things seem not to
be smooth initially.

By PUNCH’s Jesusegun Alagbe

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